Complete schedule information for every route is on the official website ( This website does not replace you doing due diligence. Detailed information about transportation for disabled students is available on the UGA DRC website.

Much of the information below is from the official Guide to Transportation at UGA and will be in blockquotes. Additional commentary is provided by Jane Ullah.

Who Rides The Bus

Mostly students who fund the transportation system. Bus and disabled student transportation services are provided on a no-fare basis.
Through an agreement between the University of Georgia and the Athens-Clarke County government, students may also ride Athens Transit buses fare-free.

When Do The Buses Operate?

A full level of service is provided on class days, while a reduced level is operated during Finals and during Summer Session. Limited service is provided on other days, excluding holidays.

Check out the service calendar for further operating details.

How Do I Know Which Bus To Take?
The Campus Transit System operates nine day routes and two night routes providing coverage to all parts of the University campus.

The linked pdf file is the electronic version of the official pamphlet handed to students which contains the maps and schedules. The bus have signage on them to let you know what routes they service and the bus drivers are more than happy to answer your questions.

Where Do I Catch The Bus I Want?
The bus stops are identified on campus by blue curbing and bus stop signs. Most stops have passenger shelters for your convenience and comfort.
Transportation For The Disabled
Priority seating on buses and curb-to-curb van service are available as a courtesy to those members of the University community who establish the need. Van service is available from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. on class days. Van service is also available on Sunday evenings when the Public Safety Escort Service is available. All services are available upon request to any on-campus facility and to off-campus locations on either side of streets served by Campus Transit bus routes. For further service and eligibility information, call Campus Transit at 369-6220.
Important Phone Numbers
Campus Transit (Information, Lost & Found).......(706) 369-6220
Disabled Student Transporation..................(706) 369-6220
Athens Transit – Schedule Information..............(706) 613-3430
Some Transit 'Rules':
No open containers of food or beverage
Please don't be rude and eat/drink on the bus especially NOT when the bus is packed! If the bus makes a sudden stop, your open plate of food or open drink container could spill.
No Pets
Service animals are allowed.
Use approved bus stops only
Self explanatory. When browsing the map pages, click on the detailed route listing to see the approved bus stops or refer to the linked pdf.
Do not obstruct the driver’s vision
Stay behind the yellow line.

As with most transit systems, the listed times can and do vary due to weather, traffic or who is driving the bus ('fast but safe' drivers versus 'slow but safer' drivers). Routes can be changed or discontinued so always refer to this website: as the canonical source for transit information on UGA's campus.